The feedback from your presentation has been extremely complimentary. Phrases such as “…best speaker we’ve ever had!” and “…entertaining and enlightening…”and “…loved the humor, the appreciation, the inspiration, the encouragement and the motivation!”
— Jacqueline Miller, School Improvement Supervisor, Brown Co ESC

Throughout his career, Jim has worked with teams in education, government, business, and communities to build consensus, energy, and excitement for working together toward a common goal.  Jim facilitates full- and half-day workshops for up to 50 people on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

Jim Mahoney and building school culture

 Creating a Culture of Hope, Joy, and Engagement
Good things don’t just happen, they are effectively planned and led by leaders who understand how to build a culture. Culture building includes what we pay attention to, how we celebrate, ways we communicate, and all the things that impact our work environment. This workshops is intended to make you conscious of what you do and how you do it to create a culture that you want to lead and people want follow.


Jim Mahoney and leading school change

Leading Change
Is it worth it? Can I do it? The two critical questions people will ask when it comes to change. This workshop is designed to help people to understand the ‘why’ of a change, how you communicate it, and specific strategies to implement change to become routine. Jim will dive into the strategies that a leader needs to move people forward, including communication, structure, and ways of looking at effectiveness. Leave with a deeper understanding of why change is important, what impacts change, what influences it, and how you can transform your teams and organizations.

Jim Mahoney and finding employees’ talents and strengths

Developing Strengths-Based Teams
Maybe you’re a strong communicator. Or maybe you consider yourself to be a strategic thinker. Everyone has unique strengths, but do you truly know what yours are, how to effectively use them, and how to build and lead teams using a strengths-based approach? Using Gallup research and the CliftonStrengths assessment, explore how you think, feel, and behave, and how you can boost individual and team performance using a strengths-based leadership approach. Uncover your natural talents and how you can work with teams to leverage each other’s strengths.


Read to Lead
The benefits of reading are limitless. However, the one thing that is not for many of today’s leaders is time. Yet there are so many powerful leadership lessons we can learn through reading.

Jim has written ‘book notes’ for years, parsing out pertinent pieces of information for thousands of leaders. His notes were never intended to replace reading a book, but to provide a flavor for why you should. Whether it’s applying proven research points or offering a story to introduce a new idea, Jim has taken key points from his readings to offer an engaging workshop, Read to Lead, for today’s education, business, or public sector leader. Leave energized to improve your leadership practice—individually and with groups.